Zegazhab Gerezgier Obituary,  Death – It has been determined who the two people who perished in the terrible accident that took place on Monday evening on Interstate 86 and included a tractor-trailer. Both of the people who were killed in the accident were of the same gender. Both of their passing’s can be traced back to the unfortunate event. The accident, which took place at Horseheads and involved a tractor trailer, was responsible for the deaths of two people. The tractor trailer was involved in the accident as a direct result of the incident that occurred before it.
After being involved in the collision, both Zegazhab Gerezgier, age 29, and Idris Mustapha, age 40, both of Texas, were found to be deceased at the scene of the incident and later pronounced dead by medical personnel.

The statement that was released to the public by the New York State Police can be found here. The statement claims that both of the males were originally from the state of Texas. The New York State Police carried out an investigation into the collision, and the findings of that inquiry led them to the realization that Gerezgier was at the wheel of the vehicle at the time that it collided with another automobile. The collision occurred on Interstate 86 in the neighborhood of exit 54 in the municipality of Horseheads, which is found in the state of New York. The New York State Police did not give any additional information surrounding the collision since their investigation into what caused the accident is still underway and they do not want to compromise the integrity of the probe.

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