Yohinori Ishii Obituary, Death – INGHAM COUNTY, MICHIGAN – INGHAM The name of the motorcyclist who was killed in an accident with a vehicle on Thursday evening in Ingham County has been made public. The incident took place in Ingham County. Yohinori Ishii, 60, of Farmington Hills, was taken from this world on November 11 after a collision involving a pickup vehicle and his motorcycle, according to the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office. The incident was caused by Ishii’s motorbike. According to the police, deputies initially responded to the crash that took place on Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. near the intersection of Stockbridge Road and Dexter Trail, which is situated to the north of Stockbridge.

In Ingham County, a man in his sixties was killed after he was involved in an accident involving a vehicle and a motorcycle. It was discovered through the investigation that the pickup truck had been moving in a westerly direction on Dexter Trail. These facts come from the inquiry that was carried out by the police. A motorbike was reportedly traveling northbound on Stockbridge Road when it was struck by a truck due to the truck’s refusal to yield to the oncoming traffic. The incident was reported to the police. Ishii was reportedly taken to a local hospital after the incident, but he ultimately succumbed to his injuries and passed away there, as reported by the police.

The man who was driving the pickup truck in Gregory, who is 41 years old, reportedly got some minor injuries in the crash, as reported by the police. According to the police, an investigation is being conducted to determine whether or not alcohol played a factor in contributing to the crash. At this point in time, the investigation is still being carried out. Anyone who saw the collision or who may have information about it is requested to call the sheriff’s office at the number 517-676-8202 as soon as possible.