Kevin Townsend Obituary,  Death – As a result of the passing of Riana Cricket Club Legend Kevin “Super Kev” Townsend, the Riana Cricket Club is in a state of deep and profound sadness.
During this trying time, our thoughts and prayers are with Kathy, Ian, Terry, and Rachael, as well as the rest of their families. We are sorry for the loss of their loved one. Within the club, this guy held a reputation comparable to that of a legendary figure. Yesterday, after our Colts won against Penguin at Dial Park, we were able to see two more father-son duos play together for the Maroons. Both of these father-son duos are currently playing for the Maroons.

The Maroons are fortunate to have both of these father-son combinations on their roster at the moment. Both of these duos are now playing for the Maroons, who are currently using them in their lineup. These father-and-son combinations are currently contributing to the Maroons in a variety of ways as members of the squad and in the roles that they perform.
Tom Radcliff, a club stalwart, was able to captain his second son George in the game that marked George’s debut, and Grant Maloney, who had returned to the club, was able to play with his son Sam in the game that marked Sam’s debut. Both of these fathers were able to play with their sons because they were both members of the club.

Both of these dads were able to suit up alongside their sons in the games in which they made their separate debuts. When they were little, both of these boys had the opportunity to spend time playing with their respective fathers. Tom Radcliff and James, his eldest son, shared the role of co-captain on the C Grade squad that ended up winning the premiership the previous year. This year, Tom Radcliff was able to perform the same thing with his second son George, who is also one of his sons. The event took place this year. Both George and Sam were able to successfully take their first wicket for Riana, which was a victory for Riana. In the first one of the innings, George was successful in claiming the victory after getting the opening batter for the Penguins out by getting him LBW.

Sam was also successful in capturing his first wicket for Riana, which was a victory for both of them. Sam was also successful in grabbing his first wicket for Riana, which was a triumph for both of them. Riana’s win was a victory for both of them. Sam also accomplished something notable by successfully capturing his first wicket, which was an important milestone for him. As a direct result of the captain making an outstanding catch, Sam was given the opportunity to take an important wicket later on in the game. This allowed Sam to contribute significantly to the team’s victory. The event in question took place in the bottom of the ninth inning.Discovering that Riana has ties to yet another family came as a pleasantly surprising treat, and the fact that she does so is something about which we should feel a significant amount of pride. Well done lads!