Wimpie Rothman Obituary, Death – Wimpie Rothman went away in a calm and tranquil manner in his house in Lower Downtown Denver, where he had resided for a considerable amount of time. He was a native of the area and had spent the majority of his life there. Wimpie, the owner and publisher of Fred B. Rothman Law Books, made the decision to move Fred B. Rothman Law Books from New York to Colorado in order to fulfill his long-term goal of permanently settling in Colorado. This decision was made in order to accomplish Wimpie’s goal of permanently settling in Colorado. Beginning when he was 13 years old, he had known for as long as he could remember that Colorado was going to be his permanent place of residence for the rest of his life, and he had known this for as long as he could remember.

He spent his childhood in New York as a member of a large Jewish family. The Friday night dinners that his family often shared together were the occasions that stuck out to him the most as the most memorable parts of his week. He attended Swarthmore College for his undergraduate education, the University of Michigan School of Law for his legal education, and New York University for his master’s degree in tax law studies. These three establishments are among the most prestigious in the world. Wimpie treasured the opportunities he had to spend time in the mountains engaging in activities such as skiing, climbing, and other types of outdoor recreation.

After he passes away, his loyal wife Carol Ann Rothman, along with his daughters Deborah Rothman and Diana Norris, will carry on the family business after he is gone. He is survived by his own son Tucker and daughter Kimberly, both of whom are married to other people, in addition to the children that Carol Ann had from a previous marriage. Additionally, he is survived by the children of Carol Ann. The grandpa’s six grandchildren showered him with an abundance of love and devotion, which he greatly appreciated.