Willy Burnett Obituary, Death – Willy Burnett, a longtime HVAC Technician at Romanoff Group – Commercial and Residential Electrical & HVAC has unexpectedly passed away. Willy was a graduate of Watkins Memorial High School. The patient will have to apply self-discipline in order to ensure that they take this medicine, despite the fact that it is unpleasant. rip. Willy Burnett, who passed away just a short while ago, I never in my life time thought that I would lose a coworker you always knew how to make the job not to bad thank you for everything you ever tought me you and one of the reason I am where I am today I couldn’t of learned much without your help.

Please pray for his wife and children because I know how much he loved his family they was his world can’t believe you was taken to soon thank you once again, Willy, for being so amazing. I never in my life anticipated that I would have to deal with the death of a colleague at work. You will be remembered with an immeasurable sense of emptiness throughout all eternity. During the entire week that we were at the camp, everyone who was there comprehended precisely what I meant when I referred to you as my older brother.

They all knew exactly what I was talking about. I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for all of the enjoyable times that we spent together, whether it was at camp, my birthday party, one of my family reunions, one of the somewhats shows, or even FaceTiming. Whether it was at camp, my birthday party, one of my family reunions, one of the somewhats shows, or even FaceTiming, I had a great time with you Because I have so many happy memories of the time we spent together, I wanted to make the most of this opportunity to talk about those memories. It is essential that you always keep a watchful eye on both your lovable children and your enchanting wife. This is something that you must do at all times. Thank you. Gone but never forgotten