William Engman Obituary, Death – On November 19, 2022, William Michael Engman passed away in the city of Reno, Nevada, in the United States. At the time of his passing, he had 63 years under his belt. In spite of the fact that he was born in Reno, Nevada, he chose to make his home in the Susanville area and remained there for the vast majority of his life. He lived there until his death. Stacy Engman, his wife of 29 years, will be the only person he leaves behind when he passes away. His daughters are named Taylor Blakely, Sara Schortz, who is married to Matt, and Savannah Carpenter, who is married to John.

All three of them are married. Additionally, Taylor Blakely is a married woman (Will). Terry Nelson is not only her son’s name, but also the name of his mother, who is also named Terry Nelson. His sisters: Michelle Nunez, Heidi Mahnke and Lisa Nelson. Tannin Schortz, Michael Cox, Guinevere Cox, and Amelia Carpenter were the names that he gave to his grandchildren in that order. Mike was a remarkable person in every capacity that he was called upon to fulfill as a member of the human family, including those of husband, father, son, grandson, and brother. In spite of the fact that he was physically intimidating, he possessed a heart that was gentle, loving, patient, and kind. He carried himself with the deportment of a gentleman. Everyone who had the privilege of knowing him harbored nothing but affectionate feelings for him.

One of the things that fascinated him the most was the prospect of him one day operating his very own heavy machinery and running his very own company. This was one of the things that piqued his interest the most. He treasured each and every one of the friendships that he had developed over the course of more than 40 years while doing so, and he frequently thought of them. He was very sad when he found out that she had passed away. Everyone who was fortunate enough to have spent some time in his company will remember him with a warm and fuzzy feeling in their heart. When he was with his daughters, he would always tell them, “I love you so much, Sweetie!” whenever they were in the same room as him. A funeral or memorial service will be held at some point in the future in memory of the person who passed away.