William Brown Obituary, Death –  William Leonard BROWN (Billy), who had reached the end of his life and had lived to the age of 86, passed away in a calm and peaceful manner at his home on November 12, 2022. Billy was able to get to the end of his life. Billy had reached the age of 86 during his lifetime. It was on November 12th that he took his final breath and departed from this world. During the final moments of his life, members of his devoted family were positioned on all sides of the bed in order to attend to him and ensure that he received the best possible care.

A much-loved partner, dad, stepdad, grandad and great grandad. At 1:30 in the afternoon on Thursday, November 24, a funeral service is going to take place at the Willoughby’s Haltemprice Crematorium. This location, which can be found in the Willoughby neighborhood that shares its name with the crematorium, is now known as “The Haltemprice Crematorium.”

If you would like to send flowers, it would be wonderful if they came from a member of the family. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. They will be greeted with an abundance of gratitude on our part. Donations to Cancer Research UK are always very much appreciated, and the organization makes sure to put each and every penny it gets toward working toward its ultimate mission of finding a cure for cancer.

The funeral home that is owned and operated by Lewis Northen Funeral Directors and can be found at 1 Lincoln Way, Beverley, Yorkshire, HU17 8RH is where the deceased person will be laid to rest after they have passed away. The business known as Lewis Northen Funeral Directors is the one in charge of seeing to it that everything runs smoothly at the funeral home.