Wendy Binks Obituary, Death – Lady Snake, who was known for her work as an award-winning international psychic witch, teacher, and healer, has passed away. Lady Snake was known for her work in a variety of capacities. On November 10, 2022, the multitalented Wendy Binks, who had been suffering a fatal illness for the past few years, passed away peacefully in her sleep at home, surrounded by her family. She had been struggling with the illness for the past couple of years at that point. She was a genuine inspiration for her children, and she left an everlasting stamp on each of their hearts. Her example was an inspiration for her family.

Statement issued by those who were being watched: “We are saddened to receive the news that ‘Lady Snake,’ who many of you may recognize from the episode of TV Ghost Adventures dubbed “Hellfire Caves,” has sadly passed away peacefully this evening. We are sorry to report this.” Our thoughts and prayers are with her loved ones during this difficult time. RIP Wendy Binks (Lady Snake).” The White Witch of the Psychic Surgery, also known as Lady Snake, manifests herself every Friday between the hours of midday and one o’clock in the afternoon GMT.

After a valiant struggle against her sickness, The Pageant Mother Wendy Binks passed away. Wendy Binks was a multitalented international psychic witch who had received several prizes for her work. She was recognized for her work on a global scale. And has appeared on sky live television as well as American television with the famed ghost experiences. In addition to this, she has been heard on a number of major radio stations and has written for a number of local publications.

Wendy was a spiritual guide, tarot card reader, witch, and psychic all rolled into one. Her alias was Lady Snake, although she was also known by that name. She has approximately 15 years of expertise reading tarot cards, in addition to being able to utilize I.ching Runes, angel cards, palm reading, and healing stones. In addition to that, she is able to read tarot cards and palms. In addition to being a Reiki master educator, Lady Snake is able to assist you with many sides of this topic and give you healing energy from a distance.

Lady Snake may also offer you assistance. In addition to that, she is a minister at the Universal Life Church where she helps the community. Lady Snake has worked in the media for a long amount of time, contributing to a diverse range of television shows and digital platforms. She has a wealth of knowledge in this field. In addition to this, she lectures and gives presentations on a wide variety of topics all over the country, ranging from spiritual work to witchcraft. Her seminars are held all across the United States.