Wanda Desjarlais Obituary, Death – Wanda Desjarlais passed away on November 19, 2022, when she was 53 years old. The date and location of her passing are unknown. The 19th of November was the day that she passed away. It is unknown when she passed away or the circumstances surrounding her passing, and there is no information available about either of those aspects of her life. She had lived in Frog Lake her entire life, from the time she was born until the time she passed away, including the years leading up to the time she passed away.

She had never left the area in the course of her life. She had never before called any other location in the world home. Her two sons Jonah (Michelle) and James, along with her two daughters Jenny Badger and Brooke Badger, in addition to her five grandchildren Xavion, Theron, Genisis, Liberty, and Harmony; her two brothers William and Conrad (Angela); her aunts and uncles Ellen Singer and Charlie (Eve) Singer, Richard and Alvina Desjarlais, and Ileen and Vern Cardinal, in addition to Alvina and Harry Cunningham; her Wake On Friday, November 25, at eleven in the morning, funeral services will be held at the Norman C. Quinney Careers Centre in Frog Lake.

The following is a schedule of the times and dates for the services: The following information, which is pertinent with regard to the date and time of the services, is presented as follows: According to the plans, the beginning of the service will start at that particular hour and will commence immediately. The funeral service will be presided over by Pastor Claude Desjarlais, and the burial will take place at the Roman Catholic Cemetery of Our Lady of Good Counsel in Frog Lake immediately after the conclusion of the service.

Pastor Claude Desjarlais will preside over the funeral service. It has been decided that Pastor Claude Desjarlais will officiate at the funeral service that will be held. At the funeral, Pastor Desjarlais, who will also take on the role of serving as the service’s presider, will be the one to deliver the eulogy.