Waldon Brashear Obituary, Death – At the time of his passing on November 21, 2022, Waldon M. Brashear was a native of Iowa. His passing occurred. He was born on August 21, 1922, and his parents Sallie LeFranc and Louis Brashear had both passed away prior to his birth. He was the son of Sallie LeFranc and Louis Brashear. Since that time, he had settled down in the state of Iowa as his permanent residence.

When he finally passed away, he had lived a full century and had reached the age of one hundred years. He had reached the age of one hundred. He was one hundred years old at that point in his life. Both of his parents had already passed away from previous illnesses long before he was even born. He was an only child. His mother, Sallie LeFranc, and his father, Louis Brashear, were the ones who gave birth to him and brought him into the world. Sallie and Louis would go on to become his parents.

When Waldon was sixteen years old, he enlisted in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), and after he completed the training for the CCC, he went on to work for the organization as a forest ranger after he received his certificate. He contributed a total of three years’ worth of his time and effort to the CCC. After waiting an additional two years, he finally enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and asked to be assigned to the 2nd Marine Division of the Marine Corps.

He had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. For a very long time, he had been keeping an eye out for an opportunity like this one. He had, for a considerable amount of time, been keeping an eye out for an opportunity similar to the one he now had. For a considerable amount of time, he had been on the lookout for an opportunity that was comparable to the one that he now had.