Virginia Hartman Obituary, Death – During this trying time, the Marcy family and all of the employees would like to extend their most heartfelt condolences to the members of her family who are still alive. On October 29, 2022, Virginia R. Hartman passed away at the Ashtabula County Nursing Home, which was the location of her final resting place. She had 86 years under her belt. Her most recent home was in Kingsville, but she was originally from the town of Conneaut, which is located in close proximity.

On the first of June in 1936, she celebrated her birthday in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, the city in which she was born. Her father’s name was Harold, and her mother’s name was Ruth (Iceman). Both her father and her mother bore the name Ruth, and her father’s name was Harold. Virginia held the position of secretary up until the time that she retired from the workforce.

In her spare time, she enjoyed decorating, water coloring, painting, music, and playing the piano. She was famous for her excellent gardening and floral arrangements. She received accolades for the outstanding work she had done in these areas. Her daughter Ann (Brian) Sumner, who currently resides in Louisiana, is one of the members of her family who has survived. In addition, she leaves behind three granddaughters and five great-grandchildren, as well as a brother, Mike (Brenda) Lebo, as well as two sisters, Carolyn Emerick and Sharon Sanders, and Brenda Lebo. She is also survived by Brenda Lebo. She will be sorely missed by everyone.

Her parents, her first husband Fredric Hartman, her second husband Bill Faulkerson, their daughter Joy, and their son Jon all passed away before she did. Her second husband Bill Faulkerson also passed away before she did. In addition to her, her second husband, Bill Faulkerson, passed away before she did. It is expected that the funeral and burial services will be held in complete privacy. The Marcy Funeral Home and Cremation Center in Conneaut, which can be reached at 208 Liberty Street, has been entrusted with the responsibility of seeing that all of the necessary preparations are made in a timely manner.