Vicky Phelan Obituary, Death -A woman who had been a mother to two children passed away this morning at an early hour at the Milford Hospice. Mooncoin, which is located in Kilkenny county, is the place where Vicky spent her first year of life in 1974. However, after completing her education at the University of Limerick, where she focused her studies on European topics, she came to the conclusion that she wanted to make Limerick her permanent home. Annacotty was home for her and her family throughout her life.

Vicky rose to national prominence and gained a great deal of notoriety after exposing a major national health scandal in the CervicalCheck Screening Programme in 2018. The scandal involved more than 220 women with cervical cancer being incorrectly given the all-clear, and as a result, Vicky gained a lot of notoriety as a result of her work.

After that, she established the 221+ CervicalCheck support group, which is an organization that provides assistance to individuals who were affected by the CervicalCheck Screening scandal as well as their families. She did this so that she could help others who had been negatively impacted by the scandal.

The courageous woman, who is a mother to two children, fought for the rights of women who were affected by the scandal, and she disclosed to the public that she was fighting cancer at the same time. She drew attention to the challenges that patients afflicted with cancer face as well as the symptoms that are associated with the disease. Her autobiography, “Overcoming,” which detailed her life and was a contender for first place in the An Post Book Awards, was successful in garnering that honor.

Vicky, who is a natural campaigner, has also expressed her support for the campaign “Dying with Dignity” and the importance of clinical trials. She believes that people should have the option of choosing how they want to end their lives. She traveled all the way to the United States in order to take part in a clinical trial, but unfortunately, it was unable to stop the cancer from spreading throughout her body after she completed it.

The individual, who is now 48 years old, has been honored with a number of distinctions in recent years, including receiving an honorary doctorate from University of Limerick and the Freedom of Limerick in February 2022. In addition, the individual’s age has increased over the past few years. Only Vicky’s daughter Amelia, her son Darragh, and her husband Jim will remember her. They are the only ones who cared about her.