Ursula Leathem Obituary, Death – At St. Clare’s Convent in Newry, where she had resided for several years, Sr. Ursula Leathem, who had been ill for some time, passed away yesterday. Her loved ones were spared the ordeal of witnessing her agony in her final hours thanks to the efforts of a trained medical professional. Throughout the years, a great number of people have had the honor of being able to count Sr. Ursula as a close friend. Sr. Ursula will be greatly missed by all of her friends. Sr. Ursula passed away not too long ago, but those who knew and cared for her will always cherish their memories of her.

She never stopped keeping up with the news and firmly supported Republican ideas right up until the day she passed away. Our Newry Office had been opened by Uachtarán Shinn Féin Mary-Lou McDonald the previous year, and we were overjoyed that Sr. Ursula and other Poor Clare Sisters were able to be there. This was something that everyone needed to know. After such a lengthy wait, we couldn’t contain our excitement to finally see them.

Ursula was, of course, the most important visitor of the evening, and we were overjoyed that she could be there to celebrate with us. We appreciated her presence very much. We were taken aback by her unexpected entrance, but we are grateful for it. We will never forget the wonderful times we spent with Sr. Ursula and are eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to do so. We were in the same place. Everyone who knew and loved Sr. Ursula will grieve her passing.

We will spend a significant amount of time lamenting the loss of this great foe. She made a threat against our company. Our hearts go out to Sr. Ursula’s family as well as the Sisters of Poor Clares during this difficult time. She will live on in our memories forever. We are offering prayers for the Sisters of the Poor Clares.