Ty Friederichs Obituary, Death – Timothy Joel “Fuzzy” Friederichs, a native of Minnesota, passed died at Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, where he was receiving hospice care. His brother Jack, his parents Norman and Dorothy Friederichs, his grandparents Walt and Ema Friederichs and Dan and Ina Vinsant of Iowa, and his sister-in-law Marge Friederichs of Eden Prairie all passed away before he did. His grandparents Walt and Ema Friederichs and Dan and Ina Vinsant were both born in Iowa. His sister-in-law is the sole surviving member of his family.

As a husband who was loving and supportive, as well as a father, grandfather, brother, and friend, he will be sorely missed by his wife of 34 years, Pat, as well as her parents, Gaylord and Norman Whiting; sons, TJ and TY; grandson, Brady; brothers, Norm (Kate) of Eden Prairie and Dennie (Jan) of Fort Dodge, IA; as well as nieces and nephews, other relatives, and friends. He passed away on September The month of his passing was February.

In addition to making contributions to the wrestling communities in Minnesota and the United States of America, he also made contributions to the wrestling community as a whole. It was he who established the High Flyers freestyle wrestling club in the first place. Up to the year 1996, when he made the decision to retire, he was employed in the investment banking industry. During that period, he was the owner and operator of his own company, Westonka Investments, which he ran for more than a decade prior to it being combined with another business.

During that time, he also served as the president of a local chamber of commerce. Because he spent so much time fishing and appreciating the great outdoors, he is the recipient of dozens of Master Angler Awards. Each year, he looked forward to going fishing with his loved ones and his friends on Lake Athapaskow in Flin Flon, which is located in the province of Manitoba in Canada. Specifically, he treasured the time he was able to spend with them. “We’ll miss ya Fuz.” A funeral or memorial service will be held at a later date in memory of the person who passed away. Condolences can be sent to 9421 Dallas Lane N., Maple Grove, Minnesota, 55369.