Trish Dominic Obituary, Death – Hemophilia of Georgia (HoG) would like to express its deepest and most heartfelt condolences to the Dominic family on the passing of Trish Dominic, who had previously held the position of CEO and was an influential member of the community. Dominic passed away on November 21st, 2022; this day marks the anniversary of his passing. The date of his passing can also be written as the date of his death. Trish was the first person to ever hold the position of Chief Executive Officer for Hemophilia of Georgia, and she served in that capacity during the formative years of the organization. During those years, the organization was still in the process of developing.

She started her career in the organization as the Executive Director, but in 2008, she was promoted to the position of CEO, which she held until the year 2015, when she retired from the position she held because she had held it since she had held it since she had held it since 2008. It is significant that the year 1984 occurred because that is the year that she started working at that location. As an advocate for people who are forced to manage the effects of inherited bleeding disorders, Trish has logged countless hours of work over the course of her professional career.

She has assisted people in this capacity who are coping with the repercussions of their condition for which she is responsible. She has maintained throughout the course of her career both a dogged determination and an unwavering honesty, both of which have earned her a good reputation. Both of these qualities have contributed to the success of her career. Both of these characteristics have played a role in her accomplishments.

The provision of service to them has been and continues to be the primary focus of her efforts, and this has not changed in the least since the beginning of her life; in fact, nothing about this has changed at all.