Travis Jones Obituary, Death -The East Sunbury Football Club would like to express our deepest condolences to Travis Jones’ family, friends, and teammates during this difficult time by extending our heartfelt condolences to them. We are truly sorry for the loss you have suffered.
The fact that Trav is their father is something that the children Hayden, Harvey, and Molly can count as one of the greatest blessings in their lives.

He was struck with an overwhelming amount of affection for his children as well as satisfaction in their accomplishments. Trav had a strong passion for football, especially rooting for the East Sunbury football team, which was also the squad that he played for. Trav also enjoyed racing automobiles.

His team’s success in prevailing and taking first place in the competition was largely attributable to the zeal and help that he offered throughout the competition. He was a tremendous asset to the team as an assistant coach. Trav was looking forward to the opportunity to demonstrate to his comrades and the rest of the team that he was truly dedicated to supporting them by attending both the practices and the games.

He was a very important person in the community of East Sunbury, which is where he was a member, and he always made sure to express his support for the club whenever there was a suitable opportunity. Trav, the example you have established with your bravery and commitment will be a legacy that you will carry with you for a very long time and remember back on often. This is something that will be a part of you for a very long time.

During this difficult time, everyone at East Sunbury Football Club and the community that surrounds it would like to extend their sincerest condolences to the Jones family and to all of their friends. We are really sorry for the loss that you have suffered. We are sorry that you have gone through this difficult time and loss.