Tony Ward Obituary , Death – After a long and successful career in British athletics, Tony Ward, age 79, passed away. Torquay-born Ward was a sprinter with some experience. He would frequently assert that his sole qualification was the fact that he had competed against McDonald Bailey, the reigning champion of the British sprinting scene in the 1950s. His training in physical education came from Loughborough College, and he now teaches in both Devon and Essex. ( .
During his time at the SCAAA, Ward conceived the idea for a national league. In 1968, he went to Poland with Tom McNab to research the country’s political system. Although it is now known as the British Athletics League, the original concept is still in place.

Before the start of the NAL, Ward was laid off from his job with the SCAAA after the Amateur Athletic Association, which funded his position there, declared bankruptcy (not an unknown occurrence in British athletics). He was an employee of 3M, which at the time was introducing its new all-weather tracks (called “Tartan”), but in addition to that, he wrote articles and books and became an announcer at stadiums for major events.

1983 marked the beginning of the professional era in international athletics. (informally, the company had been compensating its stars for several years). in . Ward was initially hired as a press officer for one day a week, but his schedule was quickly expanded to include full-time hours. It’s possible that the stress of trying to please everyone in the sport and the media wore him down. Ward uncovered his true calling. He served as the primary point of contact for the media for ten years.

Whether things were going well or not, he kept the lines of communication open. . when . Up until the time of his passing, he maintained the Inside Track blog.ΚΌ (1991). (1991). He served as Linford Christie’s ghostwriter for his autobiography..Gwenda and Tim, as well as Ward’s first wife Kate’s children Amanda, Simon, Caroline, and Nicola, and his second wife Pauline’s daughter Joanna, all managed to outlive Ward. Antony Patrick Ward was a sports administrator and writer. He was born on July 18, 1931, and passed away on October 31, 2010.