Tim BAGSHAW Obituary, Death – Tim BAGSHAW, a member of the Croughton community, is going to be discussed in more depth in the following clause.
Tim’s sudden death at home on the 20th of October 2022, when he was 43 years old, was not unexpected given his advanced age and the fact that he was only expected to live a few more years.
Tim is Helen and Keith’s most cherished child, and as a direct result of this, his parents adore and dote on him constantly. Tim is the oldest of their three children. After Tim’s passing, he will be greatly missed by everyone who had the opportunity to enjoy his company and who felt affection for him. Tim was an exceptional human being.

The memorial service for Tim will take place at All Saints Church in Croughton on Monday, November 21, at 2:00 p.m., as indicated by the preparations that have been made for the occasion and which are scheduled to take place there. The date and time of the ceremony have not yet been determined. These preparations have been carried out in a manner that is consistent with the plans that have been made in reference to the event, and this consistency has been maintained throughout their execution.
Please visit our website at if you would like to make a contribution in memory of Tim to a charity that has not yet been determined.

You might send a check to Edd Frost & Daughters Family Funeral Directors at the following address: 27 Market Place, Brackley, NN13 7AB. This is an option that is available to you. After having Edd Frost & Daughters written on the envelopes, these should be mailed there after being marked with that address. Could we be so audacious as to respectfully suggest that you make this announcement public in the same way that you have done in the past?