Thomas Scalley Obituary, Death -The death of an Enid man who was struck by a semi on Tuesday, November 15, 2022, at one of Enid’s busiest intersections has been ruled a suicide, according to a report on the incident that was compiled by the Enid Police Department (EPD). The incident occurred at one of Enid’s busiest intersections. The incident took place at a busy intersection in Enid, which is where it was reported.

It was around four o’clock in the afternoon when the driver of a semi-truck, a Peterbilt from 2006, reported to Enid police that he was heading eastbound in the 1000 block of West Garriott. This information is derived from the police report. he was in a lane to make a turn south onto Van Buren when the incident occurred.

He stated that he saw a pedestrian, later determined to be Thomas Scalley, 64, at the intersection and signaled for him to cross, but the man waved him ahead and then walked back to the sidewalk rather than crossing the street. He claimed that he tried to help the pedestrian cross the street. He stated that he had identified Scalley at a later time.
The driver stated in the report that he entered the intersection to make a right turn and then saw the man being run over by his back, passenger tires after he had already entered the intersection. The driver also stated that he saw the man being run over by his back, passenger tires after he had already entered the intersection.

At the scene of the accident, it was discovered that Scalley was unresponsive, and he was transported to the office of the Medical Examiner in Oklahoma City. According to the report, the police questioned at least four witnesses regarding the incident. According to the report, one witness stated that Scalley was “wandering” at the intersection, and another stated that he was “acting strange in the middle of the road.” Both of these statements are included in the report.

According to the narrative of the police report, a witness corroborates the driver’s account that Scalley waved him on before diving “head first underneath the last two tires” on the semi’s trailer. This information was provided by the driver of the semi. According to the information provided in the report, there was a further witness who possessed a video that was stored on the computer at the EPD. According to the findings of the investigation, the incident was a suicide, and the driver did not behave in any way that was inappropriate.