Terry Burchett Obituary, Death – This communication was sent out by Jayme Jones, who is currently serving in the role of Regional Director. Jayme is the one who is responsible for sending it out. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but Terry Burchett has passed away. I’m sorry to be the one to do so. I’m sorry that I’m the one who has to break this news to you. I feel an overwhelming sense of regret because I do not have any other option but to proceed in this manner. Terry was a well-known figure in the community of coursing that was based in Region 2 for a good number of years, and he did so for a number of different reasons.

The Midwest is where one could find this community. It’s possible that some of you have heard of him because his IW, “Bayreen,” CH Kellcastle’s Sumpin’ Sweet, CGC, LCM2, was inducted into the Coursing Hall of Fame a few years ago. Bayreen won the CGC and the LCM2 in her field trials. Bayreen came out on top of the competitions for both the CGC and the LCM2 respectively. Bayreen triumphed in both the competitions for the CGC and the LCM2 to take first place in each category. Terry and his wife Robin, who both work as the lure operator and FTS for the NCIWC and IWAWC coursing competitions held in Northern California, have been pillars of the sport for many years.

The competitions are held in Northern California. The Northern California region plays host to the various competitions that make up these tournaments. These tournaments consist of a variety of different competitions, all of which are hosted at various locations throughout Northern California. Terry has a long history of being actively involved in each of these communities and organizations, and he currently holds positions of leadership in a number of these organizations and communities. Because of the reliable manner in which he utilized his sense of humor, absolutely everyone in this room is going to miss him very much.

During this trying time, we want Robin to know that she has our deepest condolences and that we are thinking about her. We want her to know that she has our support and that we are thinking of her.