Taylor Polson Obituary, Death – There is no amount of planning that can adequately prepare you for the sensations that you will go through when you get the call – the call that nobody should ever get – that someone you care about has passed away. This is the kind of news that no one should ever have to receive. This is the call that should never, ever happen to anyone. It is the kind of call that no one should ever have to worry about getting during the course of their entire existence.

It is the call that no one should ever have to be made to suffer through under any circumstances whatsoever. Taylor Polson, You were an incredible ray of sunshine; you cared; you were gorgeous; you had a sense of humor that was beyond anyone’s wildest idea; and your powers were incomprehensible. There are no words that, in my opinion, even come close to adequately explaining how much I’m going to miss being able to talk to you because there won’t be any more opportunities for us to do so.

Your loss has left a significant void in this world, and all I can do is pray that you have found peace and that you are consoling those who have gone on before you in their time of need. Because of your passing, there is now a significant void in this planet. Your demise has resulted in a major loss to the world in many respects; thanks to you, this loss is amplified. To say how much we care for you and how much we are going to miss you in the future is not even close to doing justice to how much we care for you when we put our emotions into words.