Steven Jones Obituary, Death – You may find an obituary for the late Steven “Boney” Jones further down on this page, along with information on how to get in touch with his family and friends. Steven “Boney” Jones passed away. You may locate both of these things on the same page together. Mr. Jones departed this earth some time in the past after battling a disease for only a short period of time. On behalf of the Branch, we would like to offer our most heartfelt condolences to his family and friends during this trying time. We are really sorry for their loss. Our hearts go out to them during this difficult time. The news of his passing came as a great shock.

Our deepest condolences go out to you on account of the tragedy that has befallen you. Steve worked in this capacity as the spokesman for the safety of the areas surrounding Wakefield and Harrogate. He was responsible for meeting the majority of the tasks associated with this role, and he worked in this capacity because he was the spokesman for the safety of these places. Not only did Steve have a tremendous personality, but he was also able to keep himself quite busy during the day. He managed to do this by having a lot of different interests. He was the kind of person who was always eager to try new things and embark on interesting adventures, and it was characteristic of him to go to new and exciting places.

He was the kind of person who was perpetually interested in trying out new experiences. There was nothing that could stop him from taking on the role of RM and functioning as a spokesman for the people who are a part of our organisation because there was nothing that stood in his way. He was capable of either of those two things happening. He never wavered in his unflinching devotion to the organization, its founding beliefs, and the direction it is moving with regard to the working class over the course of his entire tenure at the CWU. This devotion encompassed the entirety of his time spent there. His dedication to the middle class was unwavering throughout his entire life.

In his mind, there was never a moment of hesitation when it came to making this commitment. When he leaves, everyone will grieve the loss of him in their own unique and individual way due to the fact that they will no longer be able to see him.