Steve Ousley Obituary, Death – On November 6, 2022, Stephen D. Ousley passed away at his home at the age of 61. Cheverly, Maryland was the location where Gilbert Wesley Ousley and Mary Faye Ousley welcomed the birth of their third child on March 10, 1961. In 1985, Steve earned a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from the University of Maryland. He then went on to get an MA in 1993 and a PhD in 1997 from the University of Tennessee.

I am a Biological Anthropologist and Data Scientist who has achieved success. He was in charge of the Repatriation Osteology Laboratory at the Smithsonian. At Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania, as well as the University of Tennessee, he held the titles of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Adjunct Professor of Anthropology and Data Science. After he retired, he continued to be involved in research. The number of his articles and grants was quite high.

Steve enjoyed conducting research with his coworkers and going to museums all around the world. He co-created FORDISC, the global forensic standard, with his close friend and the professor who supervised his PhD program, Richard Jantz. He made significant contributions to the fields of anthropology and forensic studies, namely in the areas of archaeology history, modern human variation, quantitative genetics, bone biology, and medicolegal investigations. It is common knowledge that he provided insightful anthropological and statistical assistance, as well as substantial research cooperation.

Steve was a trustworthy and generous person. He gave his time and effort to assist a great number of people. He made us laugh. He was a thoughtful and original host and listener. He had a variety of interests, including history, movies, music, reading, and traveling. He cherished the time he got to spend in Germany with his wife, children, and other loved ones. He was particularly fond of German beer and culture. He adores fun.

His wife Gudrun Richter, his siblings Deborah Barrett and Wes Ousley, as well as his nieces and nephews Shannon Wood, Lisa Williams, Lauren Knausenberger, Sean Barrett, and Scott Ousley, all made it through his passing unscathed. A memorial service will be held at Burton Quinn Scott Cremation and Funeral Services, located at 3801 W. 26th Street.

N. Fairfax Drive Suite 100, Arlington, Virginia 22203, The World Wildlife Fund 1250 Twenty-Fourth Street, N.W. P.O Box 97180 Washington, DC 20090, and Reading Is Fundamental 750 First Street NE, Ste 920, Washington, DC 20002 all accept memorial donations in place of flowers or gifts. These organizations can be reached at: N. Fairfax Drive Suite 100, Arlington, VA 22203, The World Wildlife Fund 1250 Twenty-Fourth Street, N.W