┬áSteve Faulkner Obituary, death – When Steve first walks into the Wentworth shower building after arriving at the university, he quickly raises a commotion. After a short period of time, Steve becomes part in the riot that Sandy Edwards is leading. While on night patrol with Janet Conway, they see the beginning of the riot. The pair decides to go into hiding, but the women are eventually successful in finding Steve. In order to escape, he is successful in knocking Sandy Edwards unconscious. Despite the evident tension between them, it is not long before Steve begins paying visits to Sandy while she is incarcerated, despite the fact that Sandy has a husband in Pentridge. The affair comes to an end with the murder of Sandy, which is thought to have been committed by Kate Peterson.

Colleen Powell becomes aware of this affair, and she makes a promise to Steve that he will lose his job if it is discovered that the affair actually occurred. However, because Colleen Powell lacks evidence, she is unable to verify her claim. While Steve told Bob that Meg had been promoted to the position of Deputy Governor, when in reality, Meg had turned down the position in order to live with Bob in Jakarta, Steve became a trigger in the breakup of Meg Morris and Bob Morris. Steve suggests to the inmates that they start a newspaper while they are incarcerated. While he is doing this, he manages to get Bea Smith to write an article about the inmate Susie Driscoll, which Steve then passes off to a journalist friend of his.

Unfortunately, Colleen once again catches wind of this, and she thwarts a scheme to smuggle out a letter written by Bea denouncing censorship. The piece is carried in a mainstream newspaper. In addition to his engagement with Sandy, Steve had a relationship with Wendy Scott, a receptionist at Wentworth, for a period of time before she discovered that he was having an affair with Sandy. Chrissie Latham also attempted to seduce Steve, but she was unsuccessful. As a result, with Colleen’s encouragement, Chrissie filed a false assault accusation against Steve, saying that he had raped her. Officer Joan Ferguson, a newcomer to the station, provided a credible alibi for Steve by asserting that he was under her constant surveillance the entire time. She also threatened Chrissie to drop the complaint against Steve.

Eventually, Steve develops a hate for Joan, and he confronts her during a demonstration on the value of Lizzie Birdsworth’s life when she makes comments about the worth of her own life. In the end, Steve makes an attempt to assist in getting rid of Joan by pretending that he and Bea are running a book together. Bea is confronted by Joan, and in response, she denies the allegations and challenges Joan to present evidence. On the other hand, Joan is in possession of materials that could be used to incriminate Barbara, and she uses these documents to blackmail Barbara into revealing the conspiracy. Joan engages in some plotting of her own, which will result in the loss of employment for a number of officers, including Erica Davidson; despite this, Steve resigns from his position and takes full responsibility for the situation.

Before leaving Wentworth, Steve is able to save Chrissie’s life. Chrissie was being targeted by the Black Gloved Killer, who everyone thought was Joan because she owned a pair of black gloves, and it’s Steve who is able to piece together clues that point the finger at Neil Murray, who is the prison nurse at the time. Before leaving Wentworth, Steve is able to save Chrissie’s life. Chrissie was being targeted by the Black Gloved Killer, who everyone thought