┬áStefanie Street Obituary, Death – We are obligated to make this announcement, and we do so with a heavy feeling in our hearts. This is something that has been going on for quite some time. Continue to read. This evening, Stefanie Street, also known as “our Stef,” lost her fight with cancer after a protracted and difficult struggle against the disease. She had been known to her friends and family as “our Stef.” She had bravely fought against the illness throughout her life. Stef was a fighter, and she put up a fight against the disease that she had right from the beginning of her illness. Stef was determined to beat the illness that she had.

It is a very disheartening period in her life since she has reached the stage in her life where she is unable to put up much of a struggle. However, she has reached this point in her life.
Stef garnered a great deal of acclaim and respect from his colleagues in the racing field. These praises and esteem were widespread. Stef found it rewarding to be of assistance to individuals who were close to her everywhere she went and at any time she was there. This was true even when she was providing her husband Jason with directions as they moved along in their journey. This became very evident while they were traveling together, which is when it was driven home for both of them.

During this tremendously trying time, the family of Stef is in our thoughts, and we want them to know that we are sending our condolences and best wishes their way. We urge that everyone, during this challenging time, makes an effort to keep a positive attitude and thinks about Stef as the remarkable woman that she was. We urge everyone to do so with as much conviction as we are able to muster. I am not saying goodbye to Stef; rather, it is with the expectation that we will run into one other again in the near future.