Stefanie Mitchell Obituary, Death -On November 20, 2022, Stefanie Rebecca Mitchell, who was 48 years old and had been a resident of Princeton, New Jersey all her life, passed away calmly in the confines of her own home, where she had lived all her life. She was a local of Princeton all her life. On October 4, 1974, Theresa Barr Jenkins and Theresa’s late husband, Wendell Jenkins, became parents for the very first time when they brought their daughter Stefanie into the world. Theresa’s husband had passed away a few years earlier. Theresa’s husband had passed away some years prior to their conversation.

Wendell Jenkins was Stefanie’s biological father; however, he had already passed away prior to her birth, so he was not present when she was delivered. Reading and making scrapbooks were two of her other favorite hobbies, and she enjoyed engaging in all of these activities in her spare time in addition to her regular attendance at Christ Tabernacle. She is survived by her sons, Taylor Mitchell and Bryan Mitchell, both of Princeton; her sisters Michelle Walsh and Sarah Aleshire, both of Sarasota, Florida; her brother Andrew Jenkins and his wife Tiffany, also of Sarasota, Florida; and her formerly married but now divorced husband, Ronnie Mitchell.

She was also predeceased by her parents, who also resided in Sarasota, Florida. Her parents, both of whom had made their home in Sarasota, Florida, passed away prior to her passing. Visitation will take place at Morgan’s Funeral Home on the Monday, November 28, 2022, beginning at 11:00 am and continuing until 1:00 pm. This event is scheduled for the Monday after Thanksgiving. This gathering is planned to take place on the Monday following Thanksgiving. It has been decided that this get-together will take place on the Monday that comes after Thanksgiving.

It has been decided that this get-together will take place on the Monday that comes after Thanksgiving.
On Monday, November 28, 2022, at one o’clock in the afternoon, memorial services will be held in memory of a deceased individual at Morgan’s Funeral Home. There has been no decision made regarding the time or date of the services as of yet.
You can send your condolences and donations to the American Diabetes Association at the following address: P.O. Box 7023, Merrifield, Virginia 22116-7023. Thank you. You could participate in this activity as a way to honor the memory of the person who has recently passed away.