Stanley Etheredge Obituary, Death – Jonesboro police are doing their investigation into the death that took place at Riceland Foods, which is the area where the inquiry is taking place. On Wednesday, November 9, at approximately 5:15 in the morning, the event took place at the rice milling factory that is located at 216 S. Gee. A public information specialist with the Jonesboro Police Department named Sally Smith stated that it appears that a worker lost their balance while working on a piece of equipment, which led to the person falling to their death. The worker died as a result of falling to their death.

Riceland’s spokesperson Kevin McGilton stated that the staff discovered the employee “unresponsive” and immediately informed local first responders after discovering the employee. After discovering the employee, the crew notified local first responders. The staff promptly informed the employee of their discovery of the employee after discovering the employee in question. The Jonesboro Police Department (JPD) eventually produced a report on the incident, and in it, they revealed that the victim was a local man named Stanley Etheredge House, and that he was 64 years old. In addition, the report stated that the suspect was taken into custody without incident.

According to what McGilton had to say about the matter, “the cause of death has not been determined at this time, and we are working closely with local authorities to determine the cause.” This knowledge was obtained through listening to what McGilton had to say about the predicament. At this point, the authorities have no reason to think that any criminal activity is taking place because they do not have any supporting evidence. As soon as Riceland’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Jason Brancel, found out about House’s passing, he sent his deepest condolences to House’s loved ones and extended the company’s deepest sympathies.

“Our employee team is an extension of our family,” said Brancel, who was quoted in an article. [Further citation is required] “If it were not for them, we would not be able to achieve the success that we have.” During this challenging time, each individual member of our team, as well as their families, will be in our thoughts and prayers. We are aware that everyone is going through a difficult situation right now. We are going to continue following the development of this story and will keep you apprised of any new information that comes to our attention as soon as it is made available to us.