Shirley Love Obituary, Death –  The body of an elderly woman who had been missing in Hamilton has sadly and tragically been found, bringing an end to the search that had been going on to find her. On Friday, the Hamilton Police Department issued a statement in which they confirmed the discovery of Shirley Love’s body. In the statement, the department also described the circumstances surrounding the discovery. The statement has been made available to the public. The last known sighting of Love was made on Tuesday afternoon, and it took place in the area surrounding her home on Mount Albion Road. She was headed in the direction of the Glendale Golf Course at the time, which is situated to the south.

On Wednesday, as part of their investigation into the disappearance of Love, the police utilized a remotely piloted aircraft system as part of their investigation. This was done as part of an effort to step up the search for Love, which was taking place in the general vicinity of the King’s Forest Golf Course. The Hamilton Police Department did not make any public statements regarding any information they may have regarding Love’s whereabouts. “The family is requesting at this time for some privacy for them in order for them to grieve and manage it,” said Chief of Police Frank Bergen of the Hamilton Police Department. “however, they wanted me to express their gratitude to the many members of the community that have come out.”

Bergen stated that there were approximately 300 members of the community who joined the search effort alongside the law enforcement officers who were looking for Love. Bergen is quoted as saying, “This is not the outcome that the Hamilton Police Service or any community member wanted, but at this particular time, we again thank you for your involvement.” “This is not the outcome that any member of the Hamilton community or the Hamilton Police Service wanted at all,” one member of the community said. “This is not acceptable.” “I want to begin by expressing my gratitude for your participation, and then I want you to keep in mind that this is the core of Hamilton. Thank you so much for being here today. We consider ourselves to be a part of this wonderful community.