Sheriff Gulledge Obituary, Death – I’m sorry to be the one to break the news to everyone, but a member of our community has passed away as a result of unexpected and sad circumstances. I must tell everyone about this information, yet doing so causes me a great deal of emotional distress. This person’s passing was precipitated by a series of unexpected incidents that appeared out of thin air and completely out of the blue. Yesterday evening, while Detective James Hamby was at his home, he suffered a devastating and abrupt heart attack and passed away. He was 36 years old. An unexpected accident was the root cause of death in this case.

When Deputy Hamby first began working for the sheriff’s office, it was after he had completed his time of service in the Marine Corps. Since that time, Deputy Hamby has maintained his position with the sheriff’s office. Before that, he had previously distinguished himself while serving his country in the United States Marine Corps for a long amount of time. James was working for the sheriff’s office at the time as a criminal investigator, and he was also serving in the capacity of acting as the coordinator of the department’s Crime Stoppers program. During this time, he was also a volunteer with the department’s Crime Stoppers program.

In addition to that, during that time period, he served on the advisory board of Crime Stoppers as a member. Sheriff Gulledge has asked everyone in the community to keep James and his family in their thoughts and prayers as they go about their day. This includes the people he works with and his friends, but the most important people in this group are his wife and their two amazing children. This category also includes his coworkers. During this trying time, we ask that you remember them in your prayers and keep them in your thoughts. They could really use your support. It is quite important for you to bear in mind each and every one of these people who are a part of this group.