Shayne Mccormick Obituary, Death – A report that was compiled from information obtained from a variety of online sources claims that Shayne Mccormick passed away not too long ago. When we learned of his passing, it was with a heavy heart that we did so. The tragic news of the death has been met with a number of reactions on social media, which has, in turn, led to members of the deceased person’s family and friends expressing their sympathy. Every fresh start in life inexorably ushers in the arrival of the arrival at its logical conclusion.

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I honestly don’t even know where to begin  lastnight my mom, sister in law and my self stayed at my new apartment till like 3 am painting. On the way back to my moms house around 3:20am, we came up on one of the most heartbreaking wrecks I’ve ever seen. My momma heart was broken  There were 3 teenage boys involved in the wreck and only one survived  I ran to the first sweet boy and started administering CPR. My mom rubbed his head and tried to comfort him at the same time. I tried we tried so hard to save him!!!! We started praying for him as hard as we could.

We talked to him and I tried our best to get a response. He hung on as best as he could, but he didn’t make it  the other sweet boy didn’t make it as well  Just babies. God please hold their families in these upcoming days. I can’t imagine. All I could think of is this could of been my son Jordan in this situation right now  God Bless Those families double tonight  You are all in our prayers 
***There are details I left out and would never disrespect the family by putting them on here*** ~ Crystal Sentell

Please pray for our family. We lost our youngest grandson last night due to a car accident. Shayne McCormick He was 19 years old. Prayers needed. ~ Sam Mashburn