Shayla Frank Obituary, Death –  The daughter of American actor and mixed martial artist Jason David Frank, Shayla Frank, passed away last year. On July 1, 2022, Jason David Frank’s wife Tammy filed for divorce. Her death’s cause was kept a secret from the public. After 19 years of marriage, the wife of Power Rangers actor Jason David Frank has filed for divorce. The 57-year-old muay Thai instructor says in court documents obtained by TMZ that her longtime spouse committed adultery because she gave infidelity as a justification for their separation. She designated July 1 as the day they would part ways. From 1994 to 2001, he was married to Shawna Frank, with whom he has three adult children. She shared a post about “fresh beginnings” and “removing the wrong people from your life,” which is when word of their breakup broke.

Tammie published a quote last week that read, “God says to you today Look up; your assistance is for me, not for other people. In your life, I’m introducing something new. Transferring property: Tammie supposedly is involved in this The actors have a daughter, Jenna, who is 18 and seeking a house and a car in Texas.

I’m removing the wrong people from your life and preparing you for something better and larger, the song’s lyrics continue. You were injured by them, but I was the one who got rid of them. Stop sobbing over disappointment and loss. The message concluded, “You need to concentrate on the new things I am nurturing in your life. She thought back on her eldest daughter’s passing as the anniversary of her passing drew near.

Speaking of which, Jenna cryptically stated on her Instagram Story, “Not everything you see is real,” following the public announcement of the separation of her parents and kid. The sheriff’s specialization declared in a proclamation that “Shayla Frank you will be constantly missed, yet always remembered.” “To Shayla Frank and her friends and acquaintances, we extend our love, supplications, considerations, and sympathies.