Sharon Peake Obituary, Death – Vale The following is a list of things that can be discovered between the dates of 26 April 1960 and 13 November 2022: Theresa Theresa Sharon Peake When we learned early this week that Sharon Peake, who had been a teacher at Surfside in the past, had passed away, it filled each and every one of us with an overwhelming sense of loss. Between the years of 2008 and 2015, Sharon was employed at Surfside until she finally decided to retire. She worked there up to the year 2015, when she decided to retire.

Those who had the opportunity to interact with Sharon, receive guidance from her, or work side-by-side with her during her time at Surfside will remember her as a trustworthy, warm-hearted, and considerate coworker who was always there for them. They will remember her as a great educator who was forward-thinking and passionate about her work, as well as a person who was regarded in the highest regard by the institution where she worked. At Surfside, we will miss having Sharon around. Sharon was a remarkable person who never lacked for genuine concern or good will for the people around her at all times. To phrase it another way, Sharon was an exceptional human being.

Sharon has, sadly, been battling illness over the past few years; however, she will be remembered for penning a picture tale book about our local area called “The Happy Bridge,” which was also illustrated by our very own art instructor Mrs. Di Mercer. Despite the fact that Sharon has been battling illness over the past few years, she will be remembered for writing the book. In addition to that, Mrs. Mercer was Sharon’s carer. As a direct result of her work, Sharon will be much missed. Because Sharon was one of her students, Mrs. Di Mercer is likely to be remembered by many people as well. This is the second reason. The “Brain Cancer Foundation,” which is selling these books at the establishment, is eligible to receive the twenty dollars that you spend on acquiring one of these books if you choose to make a donation to them. During this trying time, we are keeping in our prayers and thinking about all of the people who had the privilege of counting Sharon as a friend.