Sharon Johnson Obituary, Death -Sue was there to help Sharon in her final moments, and Sharon passed away not long after this picture was taken. Sue was there to be with her. A number of years ago, an unanticipated change for the better occurred in Sharon’s life. She had gone upstairs to put on her pajamas, but as she was coming back down the stairs, she lost her footing and fell down the stairs face first.

She was injured as a result of this accident. She sustained an injury. After that, she was left paralyzed, she had problems with both her bladder and her bowels, and she needed assistance from her caregivers on a four-times-daily basis. Sharon was certain that she had reached the point in her life where she should have passed away, and she was eager to actually do so.

The woman, who was 60 years old at the time, expressed her desire in public statements to travel to Switzerland, the only nation in the world that permits assisted suicide; however, she did not have any close relatives who could accompany her on the trip. That is when she initially came into contact with Sue. After learning about Sharon’s tragic history, the former worker who had been employed by the NHS made the decision to provide assistance to her.

They had never met one another before, but Sue, who is of the opinion that everyone should be given the opportunity to make their own decisions, chose to accompany her to the clinic anyway because of her beliefs. She was sitting next to Sharon when she passed away, and she remarked that Sharon’s passing was “calm and peaceful.” (She passed away while she was sitting next to Sharon.) On the other hand, when Sue returned to the United States, she was held at the airport, and she was facing the possibility of being sentenced to 14 years in prison.