Sharon Behrendt Obituary, Death – We were terribly taken aback by the sudden and unexpected departure of our beloved and lovely Coach Sharon early yesterday morning, and as a result, we are entirely overcome with grief and sadness. Even if this morning isn’t any better, I’ve finally been able to find the words to explain how sorry I am. I hope that makes up for all that’s happened. I sincerely hope that makes up for everything else that has taken place. Suzi and I have every intention of continuing to skate Team Dance in Sharon’s honor and memory even though we are going through the process of adjusting to the new reality that has been thrust upon us.

We are very certain that we will be able to fulfill your requirements. If Sharon were still here, she would have wanted us to carry out her intentions in exactly this manner. One of my aims for the next time I compete in Nationals is to “look at Sharon” as we are both dancing in the pit and getting closer to the corner of the arena. This will be one of my objectives. We are suffering through a lot of sorrow right now, but at the same time, we are bursting with joy and gratitude for the time we were able to spend with Sharon. This is despite the fact that we are going through a lot of sorrow.

We are aware that she is still with us in spirit even if she is not physically present with us at this moment. This is because we can still sense her presence even though she is not here with us physically. Her boundless vitality and unbridled enthusiasm for our Team remain an integral part of our everyday life. As a musical tribute to Sharon, I have included here a recording of my interpretation of “Theme from a Summer Place,” which was initially captured in 2017 for the purpose of roller dance practice.

In tribute to Sharon, I reworked the song into its current form. When I played this back then, thoughts of Sharon and Bobby came to my mind because I was aware that this was most likely the song that Sharon had requested the most frequently over the course of their highly successful roller skating career. Bobby and Sharon were my inspiration for becoming a roller skater. In point of fact, I was aware that Sharon had probably asked for this song the most out of all the others. This song is available for free download in mp3 format from my SoundCloud page, and you are more than welcome to play it at your skating rink. Keep Sharon in your thoughts as you move your body to “her” music and focus on how she makes you feel as you do so. Happy Skating!