Shari Grospellier Obituary, Death – Shari Maria Grospellier (née Taylor), the wife of Yann Grospellier, the mother of Zara and Nina, and the owner of three magnificent spaniels, passed away at Ninewells Hospital on November 6, 2022. Her death was sudden but was carried out in a calm manner. She was the owner of three spaniels. She was receiving kind and sensitive care from the nursing personnel right up until the moment she passed away. She was the mother of three spaniels who were just lovely in their own right. When they found out about Shari’s passing, both her family and the people she was particularly close to were taken entirely by surprise. Those members of both of her families who cared for her and loved her were by her side as she took her final breaths and went away.

The memorial service for her will take place on November 17 at one o’clock in the afternoon at the Stirlingshire Crematorium, which is located in Bannockburn, Stirling, FK7 8AJ. The location of the crematorium was described in the line that came before this one. The crematorium may be found at Bannockburn, which is the name of the neighborhood in Stirling, which is where it is located. Everyone that she considers to be a friend is granted an invitation to take part in the celebration, and she expresses her gratitude for each and every one of them in a very sincere manner. She is excited to see you there and hopes to catch up with you!

Donations are being accepted at the crematorium in place of flowers. These contributions will be utilized to create a memorial for Shari that will be located along the walk that was her favorite area to promenade. The memorial will be placed close to the area where she routinely went for strolls in her free time. The memorial is going to be set up in the area of town that is geographically close to the place where she spent the majority of her time. If it’s not too much to ask, I’d like for you to give some serious thought to complying with the request that her family made that you dress in bright colors.