Shaquille Robinson Obituary, Death – Shaquille Robinson 25, of Charlotte has sadly passed away. Shaquille was found dead in Mexico. They are baffled by contradicting accounts of events at a Cabo villa. Shanquella Robinson and her friends were looking forward to a relaxing long weekend in Cabo to celebrate one of their birthdays. “She indicated that they have a chef,” they said as they sat down to eat. I said, ‘OK,’ since they were eating tacos or something. I admire you. I’ll see you tomorrow, and have a good night.’ “I never spoke to my child again,” her mother, Salamondra Robinson, told Queen City News.

Trying to figure out how or why has just made the family’s nightmare worse. Everything began with a panicky phone call from Robinson’s friends. “She said that “booze poisoned her” because she wasn’t feeling well. “They couldn’t get a pulse,” she continued. “Everyone around her was telling a different story.” The family uncovered another possible cause of death after contacting the FBI and Mexican officials. “They indicated it had nothing to do with the alcohol when the autopsy results came back,” Salamondra explained. “She had a fractured neck and a cracked spine in the back. “She’d gotten thrashed.”

Salamondra claims the entire gang returned from Mexico, leaving her daughter’s remains behind. Two weeks and $6,000 later, her body was delivered to her family, but explanations have remained elusive. “I know it’s not going to bring my child back,” she explained, “but I want something done.” In Mexico, Queen City News talked with US State Department officials. They believe Robinson was not murdered and that no concrete proof of criminal behavior was discovered during the initial police inquiry.

Her family in Charlotte refuses to believe her death was accidental, and they vow to find out what occurred that night in Cabo. “She had a heart of gold.” “She adored and was loved by almost everyone,” Salamondra said. According to a State Department official, the State Department is aiding the family in collecting reports from Mexican officials. If the family is still unsure about Shanquella’s death, they should retain both a private investigator and an attorney.