Shane Voice Obituary, Death – A motorcyclist was tragically killed shortly before 9:30 o’clock this morning after being involved in a collision with an automobile late last night. The event that ultimately resulted in his passing had taken place not long before that time. A law enforcement officer from the Clovis Police Department arrived at the scene of the collision not long after it had taken place. This officer’s arrival came before anyone had the opportunity to call 911. The collision took place in the Sierra neighborhood, specifically at the intersection where Sunnyside Street and Sierra Street meet.

While officers attended to the two drivers involved in the accident and closed the roadway, the Collision Reconstruction Unit (CRU) was called to the scene to conduct an investigation. They arrived there while the officers were still there. They had arrived at the location while the officers were still present there. They arrived at the location while the officers were still present there, which was somewhat awkward for everyone involved. According to the results of our inquiry, the motorcyclist was traveling very quickly in the northbound direction on Sunnyside when he collided with the back of a car that was also traveling in the northbound direction and was stopped in the northbound lane waiting to make a left turn onto Sierra.

The car was going in the same direction as the motorcyclist and was also traveling in the northbound direction. The car was heading in the same direction as the motorcyclist, which was northbound, and it was traveling in the same direction as the motorcyclist. Both automobiles were moving in the same direction at the time of the collision, continuing in the path they had been traveling prior to it. The unfortunate motorcyclist did not make it through the collision that he was involved in. He died as a result. The other driver who was involved in the collision remained at the scene of the accident, offered assistance to the authorities who were investigating the incident, and cooperated with their efforts throughout the entire process.

While the CRU was conducting their investigation of the collision on Sunnyside, the road was cordoned off, and it wasn’t until after a significant amount of time had passed that the road was made available once more. According to the findings of the Fresno County Coroner’s Office, the deceased motorcyclist has been identified as Shane Voice, a resident of Clovis who was 18 years old at the time of the accident. Shane Voice was a resident of Clovis at the time of the crash. In order to help make our roads safer for everyone, we strongly encourage all drivers to reduce their speed, maintain their focus on the road at all times, and avoid being distracted as much as is physically possible. Because of this, we will be able to move closer to achieving our objective of making all of our roadways safer.