Seth McClelland Obituary, Death – Over the weekend, the death occurred of the proprietor of two prominent cocktail bars, who was forty years old. Mirror and Never Looked Better were created by McClelland, D.C.’s CEO and creative director, respectively. He is employed at the People’s Drug store. The outgoing graduate of Georgetown University held a job at Weichert Commercial Brokerage during the day. According to a post that was made on Facebook on November 13, Seth passed away on Saturday. “Please give his family some room till further notice, as we are awaiting further information.

McClelland and Jeff Coles first crossed paths in 2009 at the One Lounge in Dupont Circle. At the time, the two were planning to open an old-fashioned cocktail bar at the location formerly occupied by the Northside Tavern on Connecticut Avenue NW. Coles, who had recently lost his longtime business partner and friend, declined to comment. McClelland passed away in 2013. Dannia Hakki, of MoKi Media, served as Seth’s publicist for the past 13 years “Our customers often become friends, but they are never considered family. Seth was awesome. All-arounder. Shined. It wasn’t just that he made you feel special; he was special himself.

Maha Hakki remembers him. The character of Seth was larger than life. He was the kind of friend that was simple to become acquainted with. His cheerful demeanor and sense of humor lifted my spirits on gloomy days. I enjoyed his fearless attitude toward life. I’ll never forget One Lounge and Never Looked Better. In June, Never Looked Better celebrated its first birthday. The Mirror, a pub on K Street NW owned by McClelland and Coles, serves drinks from the Prohibition era and features lighting by Edison. The zig-zag stemware is used at NLB to serve drinks such as Cosmos and espresso martinis. According to what McClelland said to Eater in May 2021, “We grew up in that age, so it’s relevant to us.”