Sarah Armstrong Obituary, Death -We are compelled to inform you of the passing of our beloved Mother Sarah Armstrong, who passed away on Saturday, because we feel that it is our obligation to do so and because we believe that it is our responsibility to do so. Mother Sarah Armstrong passed away on Saturday. We have no choice but to break the news to you that the situation is as described above, despite the fact that knowing this information places a significant burden on both of our hearts.

If you would pray for Deacon Odell Armstrong and her husband, as well as the rest of the Armstrong family, and keep them in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time, it would mean a great deal to all of them. They ask that you remember them in your prayers. They have asked that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Everyone in this room is aware that Mother’s primary mission in life was to encourage others to practice love, prayer, and peace regardless of the consequences. This is something that Mother did throughout her entire life. This was something that Mother did her entire life; she never stopped doing it. She was successful in achieving this goal by serving as an example to others through the way she lived her life and by instructing others on how she lived her life.

This was something that she did for the entirety of her life, and it was something that she never stopped doing even when she was old and infirm. Please continue to pray for the fortitude of Mother’s family as they, along with Pastor Graham and the family of New Hope Murfreesboro, get ready to celebrate Mother’s life at a memorial service.

This memorial service will be held to honor Mother’s life and legacy. A memorial service will be held to honor Mother’s life while also paying respect to her passing after she has passed away.

We are currently in the process of working out the particulars of the arrangements, and as soon as they have been finalized, we will send you an additional email providing you with an update on the situation as well as the particulars. In the meantime, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.