Santino Blanco Obituary, Death – Posts on a variety of social media platforms are making an effort to establish a connection between the COVID-19 vaccine and the death of a young boy in Argentina who had been featured in a public service announcement encouraging people to get vaccinated. The boy was only 4 years old at the time of his death, and he had been featured in the PSA.

It has been reported more than once that Santino Godoy Blanco, who was only 4 years old when he passed away on November 3, passed away as a result of complications related to pneumonia.Blanco was the public face of one of Argentina’s many vaccination campaigns; therefore, if the name Blanco sounds familiar to you, it is probably due to her work in this capacity. Argentina has a large number of vaccination campaigns.

On Instagram, a screengrab of the headline “Poster boy for vaccination campaign dies suddenly at just 4 years old” from the conservative news website The Western Journal has been shared multiple times. The headline reads “Poster boy for vaccination campaign dies suddenly at just 4 years old.” Because the captions on the posts did not link to the full story, readers were led to believe that vaccinations, and more specifically the COVID-19 vaccine, were to blame for the death of the young boy.

There were hashtags in a post that was shared on November 13 that made references to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Food and Drug Administration. Another individual added their two cents and said, “We need something like the Nuremberg trials in this day and age! What they did to these defenseless children is something that cannot be ignored.” It would appear that the claims that were made in the posts are based solely on the headline rather than the actual article, which stated that the boy had passed away as a result of pneumonia.