Samantha Arellano Obituary, Death – Samantha Arellano passed away on Wednesday, leaving this world with a heavy heart. She was born on April 5 in Portsmouth, Virginia, to parents Michael Arellano and Kristine Leis. Her parents’ names are Michael and Kristine. The 5th of April is her birthday. Samantha lived in Sparta throughout her youth and graduated from Sparta High School in 2014 to earn her high school diploma. Her places of employment included the Morrow Home in Sparta and the Spring Brook Assisted Living facility in Onalaska. Both of these establishments are located in Onalaska. After finishing her schooling at the Dental School in Appleton, she moved on to work at Scenic Bluffs Dental and Sparta Dental. Currently, she is the owner of her own dental practice.

Her most recent job, at Gundersen in La Crosse, which she had only recently begun, was her most recent employment. Samantha found great joy in participating in a variety of pastimes, including going deer hunting, visiting her grandmother on vacation, attending country music concerts, and working on the family farm. Among all of her animals, she felt the closest connection to her dogs and hens. Michael Arellano and Tana Arellano of Two Rivers, Wisconsin, and Kristine Neary and Richard Neary of Sparta are Samantha’s surviving parents. She is also survived by her grandparents, Ken and Arbutus Arellano of Sparta, and Janie Leis of Sparta; and her siblings, Angela (Storm) Treu of Ft. Riley, Kansas, Kage Bauer of Kenosha, Wisconsin, Karin Granier of Spart.

Before she was born, her paternal great-grandfather, Martin Leis Jr., along with both sets of her paternal and maternal great-grandparents, all passed away. Samantha Eileen Arellano was a person who valued experiencing life to the fullest and seizing any chance that came her way. Her goal was to make everyone she encountered smile no matter what the circumstances were. She realized that one of the best ways to make other people happy was to put a smile on their face, therefore she made the decision to get into the field of dentistry.

Samantha came from a large extended family and treasured the time she spent creating memories with her siblings, friends, and other members of her extended family. Samantha came from a large extended family. When she was with a group of people, Samantha felt the most joy that she had ever felt in her life. Her grin and giggle were infectious, and they made everyone in the room happy. Her smile and giggle were contagious.