Ryan Bolton Obituary,  Death – I was caught aback and overcome with grief after learning about the demise of my close friend Ryan Bolton when I received the news. I am at a loss for words to appropriately express how appreciative I am that I was able to get to this location a few weeks ago. I am very thankful that I was able to do so. It is very difficult for me to fathom what God has in store for you in the future, but I am quite positive that you will make a full recovery from this illness. There is not the slightest shadow of a doubt in my mind regarding this fact. I am quite thankful that we were able to spend our time together as friends and engage in activities such as laughing and talking with one another.

You told me while I was visiting you in the hospital that you wanted pancakes from IHOP, so I asked what kind of food you wanted me to bring you and I brought you pancakes from IHOP. When I asked what kind of lunch you had in mind, you said “pancakes.” I was curious about what you had in mind. But if that was all you wanted, then I’m happy that I was able to grant your request and fulfill your dream. I’m glad I was able to meet your expectations. Unfortunately, you felt ill right as we were going over the particulars of your upcoming trip once you obtained your passport, and we were forced to interrupt our conversation in order to accompany you to the hospital rather than continuing it.

Wow, my brother, you have no clue how much I’m going to miss being able to talk to you when we’re no longer able to communicate in this way. R. I. H. Because you can never really know for sure, I make it a point to convey my feelings of care and concern to those people who are significant to me by letting them know that I love them.