Ruth Anne Obituary,  Death – After a brave and drawn-out fight against cancer that spanned a number of years and consumed a large amount of her life, our sweet Ruth-Anne went away this past week. She had been battling the disease for a significant portion of her life. Because of the circumstances, we are compelled to provide this information to you, and doing so brings us a tremendous degree of regret as well as the feeling of having a burden on our hearts. It is with deep remorse that we have to break this news to you, but it is necessary. As a result of the passing of one of the most charitable people who has ever existed in our earth, heaven has gained access to the company of one of its most stunning angels.

Because this individual has passed away, God now has an angel in his or her heavenly realm. I have faith that you, Ruth-Anne, will one day discover the peace and quiet that you’ve been looking for in paradise and send my best wishes and prayers in that direction. It is only appropriate that Ruth-Anne be featured on the cover of the very first issue of 40+wise women magazine given that she was the very first woman I photographed as part of this project. Ruth-Anne is a woman of great discernment. Despite the fact that it breaks my heart that we weren’t able to finish the project before she passed away, I am certain that she will continue to be a part of our lives in some capacity even after she is gone.

This is despite the fact that it breaks my heart that we weren’t able to finish the project before she passed away. Despite the fact that it seems as though everything in my world is coming crashing down around me, I will not stop holding out hope. Ruth Anne Caukwell is the name of the author, and she is the one who wrote the novel.
It is essential that we make the most of the chances we have to spend time with the people who are important to us since the amount of time we have here on earth is finite; otherwise, we will miss out on the chance to do so.