Rufus Rushins Obituary, Death – Iverson and Gussie Green gave birth to their son Rufus in Macon, Georgia, on September 27, 1948. In 1966, he completed a successful six-year stint in the United States Navy. After being discharged from the military with honor, he relocated to Boston in 1970 and joined Local 6 Union. He worked as a septic removal worker for Lead Abatement/Pipe Installation for almost 30 years after he joined the union.
Rufus Rushins, better known by his stage name “Rudii,” had a Southern drawl that was difficult to replicate.

God, family, and fashion were all very important to Rufus. This Great Man has the kindest and most compassionate heart for both adults and children. He served in that capacity for Mission Hill. He was a sponsor for several different basketball tournaments for women’s, men’s, and teen teams. Over five hundred young people benefited from Rufus’s guidance and assistance, and he is credited with saving many lives.

In the year 1985, Rufus established his Pop Warner Football Team. He purchased all of the necessary equipment and spent countless hours instructing youngsters from Mission Hill, JP, and Intervale in football. He is entitled to it. After only two years, he was able to win the Championship. Since the League didn’t provide one, Rufus decided to have his own team supper.

The New York Yankees, the Oakland Raiders, the New England Patriots, the Boston Celtics, the Boston Bruins, the Georgia Bulldogs, and the Tennessee Volunteers women’s basketball team were some of Rufus’ favorite sports teams.Rudii earned the trust of each and every parent, grandmother, and guardian before taking their children on outings. It was incredible to visit such places as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Baltimore, Washington, Rhode Island, Georgia, Niagara Falls, and so on.

It was impressive how he looked for a basketball tournament in another country. His achievements will be remembered for a long time. After leaving Boston, Rufus traveled in search of a basketball facility, a church, and clothes and shoes that matched for Sunday worship. God-man.

Rufus’ parents, Iverson and Gussie Green, sister Brenda, and brother Eddie died. Tuesday, October 18, 2022 was the day that Rufus’ guardian angels brought him back to earth. After Rufus’ passing, he is survived by his son, also named Rufus Rushins, as well as his daughter-in-law, Doreen Rushins, as well as five grandchildren (Raymond, Brianna, David Brooks, and Craig Boman) and three great-grandchildren. Angelica Roberts, Davarria, Isabell, and King Brooks, who is accompanied by his adoring fiancĂ©e.