Roy Lee Herr Obituary, Death – Roy is so much more to me than just my cousin. Roy carved a sizable portion of the person I’ve become into. Roy was the first person to teach me how to raise my fist when I was a young child. I don’t support wrongdoing, but I’m glad I gained that talent since it got me out of a lot of jams. Since he began practicing martial arts as a serious sport in his early years, he had credibility. Roy continued to improve his technique, which helped my brother and I continue to grow. Roy had the largest influence on me in terms of fighting and family values.

Since Roy was the oldest of my cousins, I was interested in everything he did. He was a four years older man than I was, living in a world that I was eager to explore, and he exuded a confidence that I felt I could emulate as long as he paved the path and showed me how. I eagerly anticipated his return after he enlisted in the Marine Corps and served two tours in Iraq. I was curious about all of his activities. He would give me another priceless lesson when he got back. Brotherhood.

I put myself in a position where I had to deal with some nasty guys at the door of my family. Roy gave me courage, so I understood that even though the chances were stacked against me, I should fight this unfortunate fate. Roy appeared behind me while I was doing it and just as I thought my own demise was imminent. Roy rapidly contributed to turning the situation around. Because of how unselfish it was, I had previously believed that such things only happened in movies. I learned to always be there for your brother through this experience with Roy.

Soon after, I made the decision to follow suit and enlist in the Marine Corps. Roy now serves as my guide for all I need to know before heading up to boot camp. He even went so far as to start a sparring battle and rip off one of my hooped nipple rings in genuine manner. They were prohibited by the Marine Corps, and Roy was aware that if he tore one out, I wouldn’t be able to keep the other. Ending my phase of nipple rings maybe what I’m most grateful to dad for (it wasn’t considered stylish to have one hoop as a male around that time), but his influence on my entering the Marine Corps is the biggest present he’s ever left.

More than anything else, Roy will always be a brother in arms to me. Our childhood bond has a quality that makes it seem as though that is how we were always meant to be connected. as comparable Leathernecks.
Everyone is aware that if the Army and the Navy were to ever view Heaven’s sights, they would notice that American Marines are stationed there to patrol the streets. Roy left this earth to attend to his final duty station as a Guardian of Heaven’s streets on November 10, 2022, a day we Marines dearly value as our birthday in the Tun Tavern. Source