Roslyn Singleton Obituary, Death – Roslyn Singleton, who was a host on both “America’s Got Talent” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” has passed away after a long and courageous fight against brain cancer. Roslyn Singleton was a host on both shows. She was 39 years old. “WELL DONE!! On the previous day, Ray Singleton wrote on Instagram that his wife had “earned her wings” while she was “peacefully sleeping right at home where she wanted to be.”

He said that this happened while his wife was “at home where she wanted to be.” “The road that lies ahead of you is going to be EXTREMELY long, and there are going to be a lot of obstacles! Each and every one of us received instruction from her… There is no reason to allow yourself to become discouraged about it because she is the end goal that we are all striving to achieve. Since she is no longer with us, we honor her life by commemorating her legacy, her impact, her story, and HER SPIRIT! She has been given the gift of ETERNAL LIFE!!

In response to the unfortunate news that the singer shared, a number of well-known individuals, such as Dwyane Wade, H.E.R., and D-Nice, expressed their condolences in the comments section of the post. After posting a video of himself singing to Roslyn Singleton as she prepared to undergo surgery to fight the cancer, Ray Singleton’s performance went viral, and as a result, the couple’s story became widely known. Roslyn Singleton is currently in the process of undergoing surgery to fight the cancer. As a direct result of the heartfelt video, Ray was invited to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about his experience.

After that, Ray entered the competition for the sixteenth season of America’s Got Talent and advanced all the way to the Deliberations round of the competition. During Ray’s audition for the NBC reality show, he brought Roslyn out to meet the judges of the show, and he sang the song “I Am Yours” to her. The judges were very impressed. Andy Grammer sang the song. At that time, he disclosed to Simon Cowell and the other judges that “in reality, my wife is the reason I’m here.” “She held a position in the Navy of the United States. In addition to that, she has successfully battled and defeated brain cancer. As of this evening, she has been given the all-clear from the cancer, which fills me with elation to report.