Rosario Johnson Obituary, Death – The deceased victim from the shooting that occurred in Champs Fleurs on Monday morning has been identified as Rosario Johnson. Johnson is said to have been killed when he attempted to murder workers at a construction site on Sagan Drive, which is off Mendez Drive, and his intended victims shot back at him. According to the police, Johnson’s death occurred in this manner.

At the Forensic Science Centre on Tuesday morning, Johnson, who was 26 years old and from Malick in Barataria, was recognized by members of his family. Around 9:35 a.m. on Monday, Johnson allegedly went into the yard next door to his targets in the hopes of sneaking up on them. This information comes from the police. He scaled a wall that divided the two properties and shot one of the men there before he was killed by another person working at the construction site.

According to the police, they do not know which of the workers shot Johnson, nor do they know whether the gun was legitimate or not. There were no firearms that were found at the scene, but there were 27 spent rounds of 9mm ammunition. After the shooting, the injured worker from Upper Sixth Avenue, Malick Barataria, was transported to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Centre. His condition has remained stable since his arrival there.

In a separate incident, the relatives of a murdered shopkeeper named Makesi Le Maitre claimed that the 29-year-old was on the verge of expanding his business when he was shot to death. Le Maitre was reportedly at his store on Jackson Street in Curepe when he was shot once in the chest by a man who pretended to be a customer and then fled the scene. The incident took place on Thursday at approximately 12:10 p.m.

After being transported there, he was pronounced dead once he arrived at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Centre. According to the police, nothing was taken from the shop, and the man who killed him was someone the victim knew. There was not a justification for this.
On Tuesday, Le Maitre’s relatives disclosed to the media at the Forensic Science Centre in St. James that their relative had undergone a transformation. “When he was younger, just like any other young person in Trinidad and Tobago, he was the ‘in thing,’ but as he got older, he made some significant changes in his life.” According to a relative who asked not to be named, “He elevated himself and opened the shop.”

According to the information provided by the relative, Le Maitre tied the knot about four years ago and was the kind of person who would give his life to make sure that the people he cared about had everything they required. She claims that he began peddling coconuts and had the intention of launching a convenience store. He had just left his home and was on his way there when he was killed.