Ronnie Sneed Obituary, Death – The Henrico County Police Department has informed the public that the body of a male Henrico resident who was discovered in the early hours of Wednesday morning has now been conclusively identified. The discovery of the body took place in Henrico. The body was found in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, which is when the location was searched. The body of the person who had passed away was discovered in Henrico at some point.

On November 15, at approximately 4:40 in the morning, officers from the Henrico County Police Department were sent to the 5500 block of Williamsburg Road in response to a report of a firearm violation in the surrounding area. The violation reportedly involved the illegal possession of a firearm.

As soon as the officers arrived, they found one man unresponsive near a stairwell who appeared to have a gunshot wound. It appeared that the man had been shot. According to the officers’ observations, it appeared that the man had been shot. The wound on the man’s head made it appear as though he had been shot.

After further investigation, it was determined that the man had passed away at the location where he was found (the spot where he was found). It was discovered that this is indeed the situation. At this point, it has been determined that his identity is that of Ronnie James Sneed, a resident of Henrico who is 38 years old and works in the construction industry. Ronnie James Sneed’s age and occupation have not been disclosed.

If you have any information pertaining to this incident, you are strongly encouraged to get in touch with Detective Hoover at the Henrico Police Department by calling 804-489-7199 or dialing 804-501-5000. You can also send an email to In order to increase the likelihood of finding the required footage, this request will also be sent to any nearby businesses that may also have footage from their video surveillance systems.