Ronald Davis Obituary, Death – Ronald Davis of Chicago, Illinois has sadly passed away. Ronald passed away after a long battle with cancer. The respect that Cosmore Davis felt for his brother Ronald was outstanding (Alice). Regarding their grandfather and the legacy he left behind, each and every one of his grandkids had the same same beliefs and opinions. In addition to that, he was the adoring uncle of Monica (Stanley) Thomas, Courtnay Thomas, Toi Salter, Kevin Salter, Lynda Kennedy, Troy Jarvis, and Ramon Turner-Fanning. He will be much missed by all of his nieces and nephews.

The 15th of March 2019 was the day he died away. The name Thomas was bestowed upon all of his offspring, including himself, as well as all of his nieces and nephews. The entirety of his nieces and nephews are going to be greatly touched by his absence from this world. After christening his firstborn kid with the name Thomas, he went on to give that name to all of his subsequent offspring, including his nieces and nephews.

The United States Army had made it possible for Ronald to become an experienced soldier by giving him with the education he required as well as the opportunity to serve in the field. This made it feasible for Ronald to become a veteran of the United States Army. This was done so that Ronald might mature into a seasoned soldier during the course of his service. In addition to that, during the entirety of his life, he served as an officer with the Chicago Police Department for a cumulative total of 34 years. This service was performed continuously all the way through his professional life.