Roland Jowdry Obituary, Death – A worker named Roland David Jowdry Jr., who had been with the company for a considerable amount of time, recently passed away. Dave has worked his way up through the ranks of the municipal administration, holding positions such as Director of Parks and Recreation, Director of Community Services, Director of the Augusta Civic Center, and Interim City Manager not once but twice. He currently serves as the Interim City Manager.

When the ice disaster that rocked Maine in 1998 occurred, Dave was working double time as Interim City Manager and Director of the Augusta Civic Center. During the devastating power outages that occurred in the region, which lasted for many days, Dave made the Civic Center available to the locals as a safe haven for them to take refuge in. This allowed volunteer teams to search for and rescue people who were without electricity and/or heat. Dave also made the Civic Center available to the locals as a safe haven for them to take refuge in.

Dave was a well-known, respected, and experienced member of the community who also held a position of leadership. The absence of his presence will be keenly felt. Augusta condoles. The South Parish Congregational Church is going to be the location of the get-together that will take place on Monday, November 21, at eleven in the morning. The house of worship can be found by residents of Augusta at the number 9 location on Church Street. The interment will take place at Augusta’s Mt. Hope Cemetery, which is located on Winthrop Street, and will serve as the location for the ceremony.

In Augusta, there will be a memorial service held immediately after the burial, and this will be followed by a celebration of the life of the individual who passed away. Plummer Funeral Home, which is situated in Augusta, is currently in charge of making the necessary arrangements for the funeral. Please feel free to share your memories, photos, and condolences with the Plummer family by going to In lieu of receiving flowers for his birthday, Dave requested that monetary contributions be made to the Special Olympics of Maine. It has been determined that the location in question is 125 John Roberts Road, South Portland, Maine 04106.